How To Professionally Take Care Of Leather Bags

How To Professionally Take Care Of Leather Bags

A premium quality leather bag is the product of centuries-old traditional master crafting skills performed by artisans. Therefore, it's critical for each individual to treat this piece of art that showcases that heritage right. When it comes to leather bags, many individuals have misconceptions and tend to believe that they have to absolutely baby their leather. However, that is not the case. You only need to take care of three main concerning factors to have your leather look premium, fresh, well kept, and have increased longevity. The three main concerns ought to be cleaning of leather, conditions of leather bag, and how to store your cleaned and conditioned leather bag to have the most effective results. Following are some tips that our professional team has crafted to assists you in the rectification of your concerns:

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Complete Leather Bag Care In 3 Steps:


To begin the process of leather bag care and restoration it's crucial for each individual to have complete knowledge about the process and have all the essential tools and supplies that are required to get the job done. Here is the list of crucial supplies that an individual requires:

  • Soft Clean Cloth
  • Leather Cleaner
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Parchment Paper/ Bubble Wrap
  • Dust bag

After acquiring these essential items one must begin the process of leather bag care and restoration to achieve the results one desires.


How To Clean Leather Bags


  • The first and one of the most crucial steps of the cleaning process is to have clean hands. Scientific speculations and studies have found Leather bags to be susceptible to absorption of oil and grease.
  • One must do a quick cleaning session each other day by briskly sweeping your leather briefcase, messenger bags, and backpack with a soft dry cloth or a slightly damped soft cloth. However, an individual must be aware of the consequences of using excessive amounts of water as it takes quite a time for the leather to dry.
  • It is suggested for individuals with leather bags to do a more thorough cleaning to remove dirt buildup once or twice a year to obtain absolute perfection. When cleaning an individual must wipe down the leather bags with specifically crafted cleaner for leather. A circular motion is the most effective way for the application of cleaner on leather bags, and to wipe off the cleaner slightly damp cloth is the first preference of professionals to avoid damaging factors like clogging of pores of leather bags.

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How to Condition Leather Bags


  • Leather conditioners are a moisturizing treatment for your leather bag and are an essential product for leather bags as without them your bags will dry out over time and have cracks.
  • In addition, for the prevention of wrinkling, and flaking of leather bags one must apply leather conditioner over the entire bag with the help of a soft cloth and gently rub it in.
  • The application of a conditioner depends upon your weather conditions. However, it's suggested to condition your leather bags twice a year under normal weather conditions.


Restoring of Leather Bags


  • The first step of restoring leather bags is to stuff the bag itself with parchment paper or bubble wrap for the bag to hold its shape. However, an individual must restrain from using newspapers as they can smear.
  • The second step in the crucial process of restoring is essential to place the stuffed bag in a dust bag and must be stored in the box along with silica gel to avoid any dampness
For the prevention of mold growth, It's optimal for an individual to air the leather bags once every two weeks.