Hair Brushing Mistakes That Could Be Ruining Your Hair

Brushing your hair is pretty straight forward, right? Unfortunately, not. In fact, detangling your tresses incorrectly can lead to a myriad of hair concerns including split ends, frizzy locks, dandruff, and even hair loss. The good news is there’s a super easy fix and once you eradicate the brushing faux-pas, you’ll be amazed at how much healthier your mane can be! Here are common brushing mistakes you could be making, and what to do instead…

Hair Brushing Mistake 1: You’re Using the Wrong Brush  

A hairbrush is one of the most overlooked beauty tools, which is crazy considering we use it almost every day. Don’t just grab any hairbrush and tug it through your hair. Just like when you carefully shop for skincare that suits your skin, you need to find a hairbrush that’s suitable for your hair type and texture. By finding a bristle and brush format that caters to your thickness, length, and texture, you’ll be able to detangle your hair with ease and most importantly, minimal damage.