6 Pcs/set Fashion Plaid Bag
6 Pcs/set Fashion Plaid Bag
6 Pcs/set Fashion Plaid Bag
6 Pcs/set Fashion Plaid Bag
6 Pcs/set Fashion Plaid Bag
6 Pcs/set Fashion Plaid Bag

6 Pcs/set Fashion Plaid Bag

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6 Pcs/set Fashion Plaid Bag

PU leather is used for furniture and shoes. Video about the production of laminated split leather. Other names for this material are "Bycast leather", "Bicast leather" and "Polyurethane-coated leather". Sometimes, "PU" is mixed up with "Pull-Up leather", which is an oiled/waxed leather.

Is PU leather good?
Since polyurethane has been used as a special coating for heavy-duty and industrial purposes it is very durable. It lasts a very long time and usually does not crack or wear down easily. The overall durability and quality is quite good and actually way better compared to most faux leather alternatives.
 composite shape or a composite figure is a two-dimensional figure made up of basic two-dimensional shapes such as triangles, rectangles, circles, semi-circles.
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